The Pros and Cons of Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine

Now that several COVID-19 vaccines are available, it is time to determine whether you should receive the vaccine, bypass the vaccine, or temporarily hold off on vaccination.  Keep in mind, the sole means of protection against the virus is the vaccine.  Social distancing, hand washing, and protective masks are certainly important yet they do not prevent coronavirus infection in the way that the vaccine does.  Without further ado, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the coronavirus vaccine at a local Philadelphia vaccination site.

Con: The Side Effects

The primary con to receiving the vaccine is the fact that there is the potential for side effects.  Examples of such side effects include headaches, slight fever, pain, swelling, and fatigue.  However, these side effects pale in comparison to the impact of the virus.  What matters most is whether you are in good enough physical health to withstand the side effects of the vaccine.  If you are not frail or if you are in your 70s or 80s, there is a chance potential side effects from the vaccine will be problematic.  Though uncommon, it is even possible that these side effects will lead to death.

Con: The Vaccination Might not Protect Against Variants

Sadly, several variants of the coronavirus are emerging across the globe.  Though the vaccine protects against some such variants, it is unknown whether it will protect people against every single variant.

Con: The Long-term Impact of the Vaccine is Unknown

There is no way to tell if the vaccine has a long-term impact on human health as it was created within the past nine months.  It is quite possible there will be a long-term negative impact stemming from the virus years or even decades down the line yet we will not know about it until it occurs.  Now that the cons of the vaccination are out of the way, let’s focus on the positive.

Pro: Protection Against the Virus!

The vaccine is likely to prevent contraction of the virus and also carrying the virus and subsequently transmitting it to others.  This protection is invaluable, especially for those with comorbidities, and the elderly who are particularly vulnerable to the virus.

Pro: Peace of Mind

Use your mind’s eye to envision the happiness, relief, and peace of mind you will enjoy after you are vaccinated against the virus.  You will rest easy knowing you will not contract the virus.  You simply cannot put a price on this invaluable peace of mind.

Pro: Travel and do as You Please

Once you are vaccinated, you will be able to travel, attend concerts, attend sporting events, visit museums, and generally do as you please in and around Philadelphia.  This is a stark contrast to those who do not receive the vaccine and are forced to remain at home, living in fear of contracting the virus.

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