Home Care Vs. Assisted Living

There will come a point in time when you or a loved one needs assisted living at home. Instead of giving up and moving to a nursing home or an assisted living center, it might make more sense to take advantage of home care services in Philadelphia. There are merits to the home care approach as well as the assisted living approach. Let’s take a look at the nuances of each.

Consider the Extent of the Assistance You Need

The level of assistance you or your loved one require ultimately shapes your decision as to whether home care or assisted living is the better option. The bottom line is family members should only be asked to do so much. After all, loved ones have a life of their own and only have so much time and effort to spend helping a family member.

Take some time to create a list of all the assistance you or your loved one need to live with dignity. Analyze the list and you might find home care is optimal and within reason. However, if the list is quite lengthy, the better approach might be signing up for an assisted living. 

As an example, if your loved one needs a helping hand in terms of daily tasks such as preparing meals, performing errands, and personal hygiene, home care is worth considering. However, if your loved one struggles to get out of bed and do anything but for rest, he or she should consider the merits of comprehensive assistance provided at assisted living centers.

The Main Differences Between Home Care and Assisted Living

Before deciding on enrolling in an assisted living facility or signing up for home care services, it is important to identify the primary differences between the two. Home care is ideal for those who need someone to come into their Philadelphia home to assist with daily activities. Such assistance ensures the patient lives a dignified life and remains safe while in the house. 

From transportation to assistance with bathing and dressing to help to get around the house, preparing meals, and even using the toilet, a home care service provider’s assistance is wide-ranging. All of this assistance is provided in the patient’s home rather than requiring a move to another facility. Furthermore, home care services almost always cost less than assistance provided in assisted living facilities.

Opt for assisted living and you or your loved one will move out of the house for comprehensive assistance to be provided by the professional care providers at a facility. The downside to assisted living is it requires moving out of your Philadelphia home. However, an assisted living facility provides extensive care that ensures you or your loved one enjoys a high quality of life. 

Though the room or small apartment within the assisted living facility will not be as large as a Philadelphia home, there is no need to worry about maintaining the property. Rather, everything will be done on your behalf, ranging from housekeeping to meal preparation, transportation, personal ‘round the clock assistance, and more.

Pristine Home Care is on Your Side 

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