Pristine Home Care Hazard Pay

With all the uncertainty Covid brings our staff, families, and consumers – Pristine Home Care applied for the Hazard pay grant. This grant allows our agency to pay our aides an additional $3 an hour until our grant award runs out. The guidelines can be a little complicated so call Pristine Home Care today to find out all the details.

For reasons unknown – not all home care agencies in the area applied for this grant. It was one of the first things we chose to do. We are being asked to cover the hazard pay costs first before we are given the grant amounts but it was an easy decision if it means helping our staff and patients get some relief during these tough times.

We invite you to read the link above regarding the Covid-19 PA Hazard pay relief fund. The grant window is August 16th, 2020 to October 24th, 2020. Up to $1200 for Full-time employees making less than $20/hr and up to $500 for Part-time employees making less than $20/hr.