How to Know Your Senior Needs More Help

One of the biggest questions when it comes to senior homecare is when to start. 

How do you know when it’s the right time to get your aging parent a home health aide?

The tricky part to this question is that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every senior ages at their own pace, and thus needs more or less help at different moments in life.

However, while there is no definitive answer, there are few tell-tale signs that might suggest your senior needs some more one-on-one care.

Here are 4 signs it might be time to consider starting your senior on homecare.

4 Signs Your Senior Needs More Help

1. Changes in Weight

Weight loss and weight gain generally point to a lack of self-care. Whether from malnourishment or not enough exercise, the problem is critical. You want to be sure your senior is always getting proper nutrition to keep his or her immune system at its best, and exercising to keep his or her muscles strong and engaged.

2. Lack of Hygiene

This is another big sign that your senior may need more help around the house. There are a number of concerning reasons for a lack of hygiene – forgetfulness, difficulty reaching hygiene tools, difficulty with movements of hygiene, etc. If you notice your senior looking a little messier than usual, pay close attention.

3. Diminished Mobility

Does your senior spend hours on end in the same spot? Is your senior asking for more help reaching shelves and objects on the floor? Diminished mobility is easily mistaken for laziness or fatigue. Yet, more often than not, the reduced movement is not a result of laziness, but of comfort. Because, their ease of mobility is diminishing.

4. Frequent Injuries

Frequent injuries can be a huge indicator that your senior needs more help. Whether from clumsiness, visual impairment, dizzy spells, reduced hand-eye-coordination, weak muscles- if you’re noticing frequent bruises or scratches on your senior, it is highly recommended to take a closer look at the underlying cause.

Deciding When to Start

At the end of the day, the key to getting your senior help at the right time is paying attention. You know your senior best, and therefore you should know if anything seems off or out of the ordinary. Sometimes realizing your senior needs help is as basic as gut intuition. 

And if you suspect anything is off, or you’re just not sure, give your primary doctor a call. It’s always best to be safe rather than sorry.

Getting the Help Your Senior Needs

For over 30 years, Pristine Home Care has offered seniors and families exceptional home care services. Our home health aides are well trained, highly motivated, and compassionate. At Pristine Home Care, we recognize that every senior develops differently, and so we work to create a comprehensive treatment plan personalized to each and every senior’s needs.

At Pristine Home Care, our goal is to give your senior the personal help and social-emotional tools necessary to live happily and healthily.

For more information on our philosophies, give us a call any time at (215) 207-6779!

We’d love to talk about what we can do for your senior to help improve quality of life.