28 Ways to Keep Your Senior Safe During the Winter

The winter season can be a perilous one for seniors. However, with a little foresight and smart preparation, winter can become just as fun and safe as any other season.

When it comes to keeping elderly safe during the cold, winter months- there are a number of categories to consider- physical, emotional, mental, and medical. In this article, we’ve created a comprehensive list broken down by category to help you better prepare your senior for the upcoming winter months.

Treat this as your winter prep checklist- print it, read it, and check it off as you go!

Is your senior safe physically?

  1. Check for cold drafts creeping in from windows and doors.
  2. Make sure the heat is working.
  3. Make sure the hot water is working.
  4. Keep extra blankets and throw blankets on hand.
  5. Be sure your senior has plenty of warm clothes for layering.
  6. Get your senior a pair of non-slip shoes or boots.
  7. Even out the driveway if there are any holes or dips.
  8. Buy salt for melting ice and snow on the driveway and steps.
  9. If you have a fireplace, stock up on wood. If not, buy some candles for emergencies.

Is your senior safe emotionally?

  1. Sign up your senior for virtual activities and events.
  2. Encourage your senior to nurture friendships within the community.
  3. Check-in with your senior on how he or she is feeling about the upcoming months.
  4. Listen to what your senior wants or needs.
  5. Set up a visiting schedule with family and friends so your senior never gets left alone for too long.
  6. Consider hiring a professional caregiver to check-in on your senior’s safety and emotional stability.

Is your senior safe mentally?

  1. Buy your senior plenty of fun, mentally challenging activities to do around the house (think: puzzles, memory games, books, word games, and strategy games).
  2. Encourage your senior to move around and stay active, even if just within the house.
  3. Find new concepts and information for your senior to learn.
  4. Consider hiring a therapist to check-in on your senior’s mental health every now and again.
  5. Consider hiring an at-home aide to keep the house tidy and serene.

Is your senior safe medically?

  1. Make sure your senior is up-to-date on his or her routine medical checkups.
  2. Be sure your senior has a way to get to medical appointments even during the cold months.
  3. Get refills for your senior’s medications.
  4. Stock up your senior’s refrigerator and pantry with healthy, nutritious foods.
  5. If your senior uses a walker, cane, or other mobile accessory- be sure it’s working well and easily for your senior.
  6. Help your senior’s breathing with an air purifier and some pretty house plants.
  7. Look into the benefits of a humidifier for the dry, winter months.
  8. Protect your senior’s skin from dry heating with moisturizer, Vaseline, or oils.